dive confidently: there is NEVER any pressure to dive. The skipper will advise you of the dive conditions, but ultimately the choice to dive or not, lies with the individuals. It is ALWAYS possible to offer a different site with conditions that are in the collective groups ‘comfort zone’. It is NEVER an inconvenience or too late to reassess the dive plan.

flexibility: we aim to be flexible and where possible, within our legal constraints and safety considerations, will tailor the dive programme to your requirements.

diving air, cylinder filling: there are NO air filling facilities aboard the vessel. Cylinder filling is done ashore by our staff at night from our O2 clean compressor. You require two cylinders aboard each day. It is the diver’s responsibility to ensure they are aboard each day!

nitrox: we can supply O2 to those clubs certificated and equipped to carry out their own nitrox blending. This must be pre-booked.

equipment hire:  We do not hire dive kit simply because there is insufficient demand.

refreshments: endless hot tea and coffee is provided aboard but you do need to bring your lunch. We come ashore for lunch, picnic on a beach, or stay aboard, whatever best suits the dive plan we agree.

guided diving: please note we do not provide guided diving or buddy finding.

added bonus: cetaceans and basking sharks play an inspiring part in our summer dive trips, with frequent sightings adding to the day!

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