local experience: No amount of qualifications alone makes a good skipper and local knowledge and experience is vital for both safety and making the most of your holiday. Having dived locally for over 20 years Gordon and Aileen have the experience to guide you through your holiday. Their diving knowledge and understanding of local tide and weather, enables them to ensure each days diving best matches your ‘diving wish list’ and experience. Unlike many skippers, who know only the ‘Munros’ of diving on Skye, we discovered them and know all the other sites that fill in the gaps, particularly relevant if tides are fickle or weather unforgiving!

progressive dive charter: departing from numerous local jetties offers flexibility and enables us to take you to many different dive sites. This offers variety in underwater experience while progressing around an extensive area of coastal waters. We move ‘Elena C’ after diving, to one of the numerous jetties in the evening for a new start point the next day. Travel is by road to home base each night, which gives you the flexibility of shore-based comfort without restricting your diving possibilities.

sheltered diving and weather days: High cliffs and groups of barrier islands give protection and sheltered waters, ensuring calm seas at the divesite and diving safely in almost all weather. You may not be able to dive your chosen site on a particular day, but you usually will manage sometime in a week. Confident we can honour this assurance, we fully refund any dives WE cancel due to weather. A total number of dives will be included within your package and we always endeavor to complete this within your week. It may mean swapping a day dive to a night dive, or if dive times permit it safely, to do 3 dives in another day. Our objective is ensure you maximise your diving opportunities on a TIPTOPTASTIC expedition with us on Skye.

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