Simon Volpe, Diving Journalist

"Only Skye in the UK can offer an equal measure of scenic beauty above and below the water line. Without doubt, the place in the UK where your camera is likely to be most busy. Show me a better UK destination as I haven't found it yet..."

John Liddiard quotes in ‘Diver’ July 2005, p 73:

"Most experienced divers can pick a reasonable scenic dive off a chart. Just look for any rock, pinnacle, channel or headland with close contours and a bit of current and the chance are it will be worth a look. But that won't necessarily account for all the best scenic sites, as the next one beautifully demonstrates. There is nothing on the chart to indicate anything other than a gentle slope of kelp under the cliffs at Rubh nan Clach (and I have no idea how that is pronounced). In fact, for a mile each way the coast is probably just that. It takes the experience of someone who has been diving Skye for years and systematically exploring, to know just where a group of big scour holes can be found. It's a scenic housing development for all the best marine life, from crawfish to octopus, tastefully landscaped with anemones and dead men's fingers, carefully secluded 3m below a surrounding arboretum of kelp."

Monty Halls quotes in ‘Dive’ Nov 2008, p 29:

""So I crammed in a couple of final dives on the wild northern tip of Skye on a clear crisp day. In the capable hands of Gordon and Aileen from Dive & Sea the Hebrides, I drifted slowly along the dark overhang of Conger Crevice, a vipers' nest of slate grey leviathans peering out at me, with a clicking array of lobsters and crabs alongside. Such was the drama and atmosphere of this dive that I completely ignored the cuckoo wrasse that accompanied me throughout, bustling ahead like some tour guide in a bright livery of stripes and neon shades. One of the congers took exception at being gawked at, and slithered out of its gloomy home to gently nose my camera away, with me furiously back-pedalling in a mass of gauges, hoses, bubbles and adrenaline.I also had the good fortune to be accompanied on this dive by Sue Scott, who took a relentless series of annoyingly excellent photographs, which I will be delighted to show all and sundry when I get home. I may even mention that it was her that took them, and not me. Maybe!"

"Thanks for a an amazing couple of days diving, undoubtedly the best I have dived in Europe!" best wishes Monty Halls."

Ross Coventry quotes in ‘Sportsdiver’ July 2010, p 50:

"Without a doubt Skye has some of the best UK diving available, and before we had even left the island the decision to come back next year had already been made - can't say better than that!

Mike Clark in 'Sporstdiver', 'Scuba' and 'Scottish Diver' 2015

Mike Clark writing for Sportsdiver, Scuba and Scottish Diver, returns to Skye for the first time in 25 years, and is left awestruck by the diversity of diving on offer! In his articles he starts his review  saying  “Day one and two cracking dives, but that was only the warm act” .......  “small fish were darting around and with the beautiful reef and crystal  water and bright white sand this dive was stunning  and I would happily have dived it all week” this pace was maintained and ...... “it took some time to photograph this fish and I was concentrating so hard, on this task, that it was only later when editing my images that I noticed the background full of luminous green jewel anemones.   He added “while you may be aboard for a dive trip, expect to see lots of wildlife above the waves too!” He concluded by saying “many thanks to Gordon & Aileen of Dive & Sea the Hebrides – it wont be 25 years till I see you again!”

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