perfect location: Skye, in the Hebridean Minch, is the largest of the Inner Hebridean Islands. Centrally placed in the archipelago with the deep Atlantic seaboard on its western horizon, 'Dive and Sea the Hebrides' offers some of the finest, remote European and British diving available.

it's an easy reach destination with that extra special diving edge: and for those that aspire to St Kilda, but can't devote the time to ensure getting there, then North West Skye offers THE no 1 very best alternative. Eliminate the need for infinite planning around potentially fickle weather, and the often unpleasant reality of long, tiring, and exposed Atlantic sea voyages. Forget the confinement of liveaboards, and simply choose the more realistic option!

remarkably close but magnificently different: from that which you seek to escape, Skye really is an easy reach destination. Only 130 mile - Inverness, 237 miles - Glasgow, 262 miles- Edinburgh, 510 miles - Newcastle, Dive & Sea the Hebrides, really is the perfect diving base. And, driving that 2 hours extra north means ALL your charter time is actually spent diving, and not on lengthy, fickle sea voyages.

hassle free travelling: to this remote yet accessible island, (linked by a bridge to the mainland at Kyle of Lochalsh) makes it the perfect location for your expeditions. Simply get to Glasgow and from there driving north through truly magnificent landscapes, sets the pace of your Hebridean holiday. Unwind and forget the hassles of everyday life. No flight transfers, baggage handlers strikes, ferries to connect with, simply get in your car or minibus, relax and be in control of your holiday from the start.

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