and never mind what we say, what you think is far more important:

  • "Top skipper, great bloke. If it wasn't for the strange accent he could be mistaken for a Yorkshire man. 'Nuf said!" - Tony White, Leeds
  • "Weather incredible + Diving Great + Skipper Cool = Terrific Weekend, Cheers PECTEN SAC".
  • "Gordon, the meanest looking mxxtherfxxker, if you read this, we love you, we've had the best time ever, top fills love RAMMY DIVERS"
  • "Great dives, one of the best skippers I've met, thanks for a great holiday." - John LESAC.
  • "Fantastic trip, fantastic diving, brill skipper! All in all a very good week, in a very beautiful part of the country. Well worth another visit!" - Heida
  • "Cheers Gordon ...the meanest looking mxxtherfxxcker... eh, allegedly!" - Deeside SAC
  • Excellent skippering for a bunch of novices, considering poor weather, variable ability, and a general lack of sea legs ...drifts, wrecks, scenic and night dives, what more can a man ask for." - Tony, STINGRAY SAC
  • "Great time, great skipper, well done on the weather... Cheers Jim & Jill"
  • "Gordon thanks for repairing the ripped boot, dropping the shot within 10 m of Fi's lost weightbelt, the zippies, the electrical tape, the teas, coffes and toffees, the sarcasm and humour, and once again... some excellent diving! See you next time!" - Fi & Ian, INFINITY DIVERS
  • "Good accommodation, alright weather, BRILLIANT SKIPPER and the boat was surprisingly roomy. WARNING: Do not feed the skipper ginger biscuits!" - Jessica Shiels
  • "Outstanding! Memorable long weekend, vis superb, Captain could not be more helpful or friendly. Too many good things to mention all. Marc you did us proud. Thanks to all." - Kim Orsel, PENTLAND SUB AQUA
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